EmpowerU Mission: To empower and equip neurodiverse individuals with the essential skills, knowledge, and self-determination needed to confidently navigate life’s challenges. We aim to foster a sense of self-advocacy, leadership, and effective communication, enabling each participant to embrace their unique path, contribute to their communities, and achieve personal success. 

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The creation of EmpowerU, a groundbreaking neurodiverse leadership program for neurodivergent high school youth (Future Leaders) and adults (Trailblazers). In January 2024, 13 participants began their journey towards empowerment, self-discovery, and overcoming barriers.

Are you ready to step into your future with confidence? Check back in the fall for more information on how you or your cohort participant can apply to join EPIC on a transformative 12-month journey that goes beyond participation – it’s about leading your life’s course. Discover your path to confidence, resilience, and making a lasting impact with EmpowerU’s Trailblazers Cohort or EmpowerU’s Future Leaders Cohort, using an innovative 10-module curriculum designed to equip you for success beyond high school. Email EPICdisability@gmail.com for more information. Applications will open in the Fall of 2024. Please include which cohort you are interested in applying for in your email.

Curious about joining EmpowerU in 2025? Let us know you’re interested! Fill out the form, and we’ll keep you in the loop when applications open.  #EmpowerU2025 #StayEmpowered    2025 EmpowerU Interest Form

If you are interested in providing grant funding or sponsoring our EmpowerU program please email us at EPICdisability@gmail.com