Text Version for Accessibility:

Alex Wetherell
March 27, 2024

“I want to say that I am honored to be featured as a person with a neurodivergent condition. I
have apraxia. That means I cannot speak with my mouth. It doesn’t mean that I have no words
in my brain. I am totally able to think of sentences and think of responses in my head. I am not
able to speak those thoughts from my mouth. I use text-based communication in the form of
letter boards. Sometimes I use a keyboard. The keyboard is more challenging but I am getting
better with more practice. I am excited at the chance to become autonomous on the keyboard.
I am wanting to become more independent with the keyboard so I can attend college and
become a lawyer for others with disabilities.

I am interested in doing other social things with my peers when I have more independence with
my communication. I want to be included in age-appropriate things with others who believe in
my potential and abilities. It has been life-changing and empowering to finally have a voice. I
have spent too many years being treated like I wasn’t smart.

Spelling has changed my life and opened my future possibilities. I am looking forward to a long
and happy life now that I am able to communicate. It has been so hard up until the year 2019
when I first went to Utah for my first RPM session with Lenae. I now have hope that I will
someday be able to have a family of my own with a wife and children.
I am excited about the future for the first time in my life.
I have used my strength in spelling to prove my intelligence. It is sad that I spent many years
being treated like I was a baby. I am now happy that I am valued as an equal. “